The Order of St. Lucy is a religious order without monastery walls.  We are Catholic, but not Roman Catholic.  Like the Roman Catholics, we have valid Apostolic Succession and valid Sacraments.  Unlike the Roman Catholics, we believe in Universal Salvation, which for us means that we do not believe in eternal damnation, which is not a Biblical concept, but a teaching created by the historical Church.  All people regardless of religion or belief are welcome to join us for Holy Communion if they wish.  We do not require anyone to make a private confession prior to receiving Communion.  We are not dogmatic, which means we do not require anyone to accept a set of intellectual beliefs or doctrines.  Those who join us are free to interpret the creeds and teachings of Christianity however they wish.  We do not interfere in the lives of others. We do not attempt to convert those of other religions because we believe that all religions are valid pathways to an understanding of the Divine.  We make no judgments against anyone on the basis of marital status, lifestyle, gender, race or sexual preference.  Not just men, but women and sexually active gays of any gender are allowed to become priests and bishops in the Order of St. Lucy.  Clergy in our tradition are allowed to marry. There is no vow of celibacy in the OSL. We do not enter into politics as a corporate body, nor do the individual clergy represent themselves as OSL clergy in a political context.



The OSL uses the liturgy of the Liberal Rite.  We identify as Liberal Catholics. While we came from a denomination calling itself the Liberal Catholic Church, we are now part of the greater Liberal Catholic Movement.  The Liberal Catholic Church came into being in 1916 as a reorganization of the Old Catholic Church (originating in the Netherlands) on a more liberal basis in Britain.  Later, the LCC came to America.  The clergy of the LCC were esoteric in mindset, teaching the Theosophical concept of the Seven Rays, chakras, reincarnation, and other concepts which are rejected by mainstream Christianity.  While most Liberal Catholic clergy believe in these concepts, no belief whatosever is required of Liberal Catholic church members. Throughout the 20th Century and to the present day, there have been various schisms in the LCC, leading to the broader Liberal Catholic Movement to which we belong.  This movement consists of Liberal Catholics with valid Apostolic Succession who have broken away from mainstream churches and formed new jurisdictions to maintain the integrity of their vision.


The OSL offers Holy Eucharist (Mass), occasional Healing Services, which involve anointing with Holy Oils and an invocation of the Archangel Raphael, occasional services of Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as other services and activities.  These services are open to the public and membership is not required. We also offer membership as vowed brethren of the OSL and as Oblates (Oblates are non-vowed members who wish to participate more closely in the prayer life of the Order). Those who apply for vowed membership undertake a course of spiritual study and may attend closed meetings and ceremonies of the Order. In addition, laypersons and brethren may join the Mission Episcopate of St. Lucy as church members, which gives them the benefit of sacramental intercommunion with the other religious communities in the Movement for Sacramental Intercommunion.


Interested parties may email Br. Lawrence for details on meeting times and locations.

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