The Mission Episcopate of St. Lucy, its clergy and members are in intercommunion with the Mission Episcopate of Ss. Francis and Clare and the Aquarian Catholic Spiritual Community through involvement with the Movement for Sacramental Intercommunion. The MSI came into being on the Nativity of Our Lady, 2011 as a means of bringing jurisdictions of the Independent Sacramental Movement together. 

Please see the websites of our fellow members:

 Aquarian Catholic Spiritual Community

The Mission Episcopate of Saints Francis and Clare

Chris Deefholts, Auxiliary Bishop in the MESFC

Marie-Louise Jones, Priest in the MESFC


The Mission Episcopate of St. Lucy is a member of the Liberal Catholic Alliance. If you are not in the Dallas area, check out this site to locate Liberal Catholic jurisdictions in other areas of the world.


We are also a member of the Liberal Catholic Ecclesial Communion, which was founded on February 13, 2014, the anniversary of the consecration of J. I. Wedgwood.

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