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The Order of St. Lucy is open to all those who are called out of the world to a life of inner contemplation, who identify with the worship of the Liberal Catholic rite and its teachings, and who are open to exploring the Christian mysteries through the teachings passed down to us through Liberal Catholics of both the Theosophical and Western Mystery School traditions. The Order of St. Lucy is not an esoteric order, but a religious order open to esoteric ideas. The Order of St. Lucy is not a school, but a spiritual family of vowed religious who are seeking the answers to life's questions each in their own way. Membership in Theosophical or Western Mystery School organizations is encouraged. The brothers and sisters of St. Lucy do not live in a cloistered setting, but rather in the world. We are drawn together by the common bond of turning inward to seek the Greater Light, which we feel is signified by the true vision of St. Lucy. We live our lives in dedication to spiritual principles in order to be beacons of Light and compassion for those who have not yet broken away from the mass mind consciousness.

Vowed members practice centering prayer for at least 20 minutes daily, whether morning, evening, or both (Lectio Divina is encouraged, and the Divine Office, or Book of Hours, is optional for additional personal use), and come together once a month for a chapter meeting to pray the Seven Ray Rosary (followed by Communion from the Reserved Sacrament if available) and to discuss spiritual development. Alternately, if a chapter does not wish to pray the Rosary monthly, the Seven Ray Rosary may be prayed on the meetings falling nearest to the two solstices and two equinoxes, and a service from the Book of Hours may be used for the other eight meetings.

The OSL is open to clergy of other jurisdictions as long as the Liberal Catholic rite is used in that jurisdiction. Clergy of other jurisdictions who wish to join must have the written permission of their ordinary.

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